Not Telling

Friday 18th August, 10.00am-12.00pm

KOCO Community Resource Centre

Writing workshop with William Gallagher for ages 8-12

A two-hour writing workshop for children aged 8-12 and we’re not telling you a single thing about it. You will be writing but don’t bring any ideas, don’t bring any plans, don’t even bring a pencil: we’re all going to be doing something together from absolute scratch and it will require your very best writing. Parents: are your children still reading this? Distract them now. Look! What’s that over there? Right, we’re still not telling you anything but please be back to collect your children 15 minutes before the official end time, okay? Don’t tell them we said that. Wink.

William Gallagher is a writer, dramatist and producer who’s about an inch away from having had half a billion words published. He writes Doctor Who audio dramas, stage plays and has an extensive British journalism experience across Radio Times, BBC Ceefax, BBC News Online and newspapers. His books include ones for the British Film Institute and Radio Times plus best-selling technology titles. He regularly teaches actors, musicians, journalists and writers and his short stories have been published in anthologies and performed on radio. He once had afternoon tea on a Russian nuclear submarine and regrets calling the place a dive.

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